On the 10th of October 1989 Bingo commenced for The Birchip Hospital. Up to this time Bingo had been run by various clubs. However with no Club interested in running Bingo regularly Brian, Norma and Lyn Blair decided rather than let Bingo go we would run it for the Hospital.

With this in mind Brian approached the then president of the Hospital Board Mr George Gould to ask for permission to run Bingo under The Hospital Banner. Permission was granted and so Bingo commenced for The Hospital.

We started at The Leisure Centre and then moved to The Commercial Hotel and finaly arrived at the Senior Citizens Centre

However, while Bingo has been a great success raising money for The Hospital unless we recieve more support from The Community our days are numbered.

 We believe that over the years the amount raised is in the vicinity of $200,000. We are proud of our success and hope that people in The Community will now realize how much we have achieved.

Listed below are some of the larger and more notable items that have been purchased and supplied to the Hospital and Wirrim Lodge over the the past 21 years.


Blinds for The Hospital $7,468.00                Donation to The Hospital $2,410.00

Curtains For Wirrim lodge $7,000.00           Curtains for The Hospital $7,468.00

     Vital Signs Monitor $3,000.00  Dining          Table setting and ten chairs$10,000.00

    Oxy Concentrator  Machine $12,000.00      Tub Chairs for Wirrim Lodge$2,354.00

Convection Oven for Kitchen $20,000.00                  E.C.G. Machine $5,500.00

Cool Room $12,000.00                                   Shelving for Coolroom $3,580.00 

Syringe Driver $2,805.00                                     Sarita Patient Lifter $4995.00

Refrigerator $7,000.00                        Cardiac Rehabilitation Chairs $2,410.00

Pergola $4,850.00                                                  Emergency Cart $3,125.00

Bush Fire Donation $1,000.00