The Birchip Senior Citizens Centre is open every Tuesday for Meetings and activities.

Also every Thursday from 10am until 4pm for Bowls Snooker and Computer lessons.

The Internet Kiosk will open at other times by arrangement.  


 Tuesday September 20th was a busy day for the Birchip Community Kitchen Garden

Project. At 9.30 the inaugural committee met at the EWHS Primary Care Centre to

discuss the conditions under which the community garden will operate.

At mid day as part of the project the Birchip P-12 School Hospitality and VCAL

students provided lunch for the Senior Citizens Club. The students prepared a range

of casseroles and vegetable dishes. Branden Atkinson and Michael Casey from the

school VCAL program together with Emily Clarke and Kerry Punton from the EWHS

Community Garden Project served members a delicious lunch. This activity was a

wonderful example of collaboration between different demographic groups within

the community. Branden and Michael thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it gave

them an opportunity to practice their interpersonal and hospitality skills.


                          Barb Serving up the goodies              The Seniors enjoying the meal

 Bob in for his share             Geoff and crew planting strawberries after the meeting