The Birchip Seniors Celebrate

 Fifty Golden Years

On Tuesday,September 30th The Senior Citizens celebrated their Golden

Anniversary at their Clubrooms in Sherwood Street Birchip.

The Birchip Seniors originated from a picnic at Green Lake in early 1964 when The Birchip Lions

Proposed that a Senior Citizens Club be formed in it's own right.

On September 3rd 1964 a public meeting was convened by Miss Yeoman from The Health

Department who spoke about the many benifits that had been gained by Clubs that had been

formed in other areas.

A sub-committee from The Lions consisting of J. McCallum, G. Gould and K. Coundon explained

their plans for financing and building The Clubrooms for The Senior Citizens and pledged that the

Lions Club would raise the necessary funds for the project.

The first Senior Citizens Committee was formed following this meeting with Mr. H. Robertson as

president, Mr Bert Bales and Mrs. Schofield as Vice- presidents, Mrs. Irene Combs as Secretery

and Herby Heath as treasurer. By September 1965 they had a membership of 80 and were meeting

at St. Pauls Anglican Church Hall, Ballapur Hall and The Old National Bank.

I July 1966 a building committee was formed. The Birchip Council purchased the block of land in

Sherwood Street from Mr Jim Young and agreed to provide an interest free loan to the Lions as a

building dept which The Lions were to pay off. The Health Department also provided $10.000

towards construction costs.

By 1967 the building plans had been completed but it took until December 1967 for them to be

approved by The Health Department, then in January 1968 a tender from Laurie Ryan for

$23.160 to build the Centre was accepted.

On May 7th 1968 Cr George Gould turned the first sod for The Senior Citizen's Clubrooms and in

August the Shire President Cr. Hillgrove performed the ceremony of laying the foundation Stone.

On Sunday December 8th. 300 People witnessed the official opening of The Birchip Senior

Citizens Centre by the Shire President Cr. j. A. Boyle. Mrs M Smith, president of The Birchip Senior

Citizens unlocked the door.

Over the past fifty years, members of The Senior Citizens have enjoyed many celebrations and

community gatherings. They held weekly euchre evenings, played Carpet Bowls and Billiards

and participated in craft activities. Members and the Centres birthdays were always celebrated

with entertainment and food and they have kept this tradition for fifty years.

The celebrations on Tuesday were very yow key and traditional with Secretery Norma Blencowe

welcoming members and friends from Birchip, Wycheproof, Charlton and Donald to join them

playing cards and boared games before they enjoyed birthday cupcakes and afternoon tea.